Shocks and struts wear out gradually over time, so how do you know when they need to be replaced? We’re here to help with a few pointers. And of course, you can always ask your service technician to check them out for you. (If you’re looking for a great technician, head over to one of our NAPA AutoCare Centers.) Though you may have a hard time recognizing the need for new shocks and struts, you will definitely feel the difference after the job is done.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Have you noticed a need to slow down to gain control of your car, specifically going around corners or over bumps (say, railroad tracks)?
  2. Have you noticed your tires or front brakes wearing out too fast? Or, have you have had to replace suspension components multiple times?
  3. Is the vehicle difficult to control when you reach highway speeds, in windy conditions, or when loaded?
  4. Can you feel excessive movement in the car? This could mean nose diving when braking, bouncing over a speed bump, or maybe potholes are particularly harsh?


Regardless, if your vehicle has over 80,000 miles, and still has the original shocks/struts, it could be time to get them checked out. When the shocks/struts are worn, the control and handling of the car will be poor, and the tire wear will be sped up or uneven. In certain driving conditions, new shocks and struts can even shorten your stopping distance. 

If you’re thinking about replacing your shocks/struts you’re in luck! We’re offering 10% off when you buy a set of 4 in store through the end of the month!