We have another guest blog post! This one is from Keith at Car Up Keep. Thanks Keith, and we hope ya’ll enjoy!

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Hot Rod Enthusiast in Your Household

If you have a car enthusiast in your life, you know how lucky you are at Christmas. There’s probably no one easier to buy gifts for than a person who really loves their car. It’s perfect — there’s no end of gift ideas, and they all center around the exact same thing. You don’t even have to make multiple stops when picking out a gift or visit more than one website because making him happy for the holidays comes down to buying something he can put on his car, something he can put in his car, or something he can put on himself to remind him of his car. With that in mind, here are some smart gift starters to get you headed in the right direction.

A Clean and Orderly Garage

During the winter, it’s too cold outside for your favorite car buff to do what he really loves best — tinkering with his ride. This Christmas, you can change all that by providing him with an organized garage. It’s a great chance to declutter all that accumulated junk in the garage but if you need extra storage space for garage stuff, consider keeping it in a storage facility until after the holidays. It’s convenient and affordable; for example, you can find a five-by-five self-storage space in Forsyth, Georgia, for as low as $28 a month.

Leather Driving Gloves

This one’s a little fanciful, but most car drivers at one time or another have fantasized about being Mario Andretti, Cale Yarborough, or Richard Petty, and they just need a slick pair of driving gloves to bring the fantasy to life. They look great and they’re practical because they really do keep your hands warm when it’s cold outside. This is just the thing for scraping the windshield during those frosty winter months.

Smartphone Dash Mount

No conscientious driver would try to drive and talk on the phone or text while behind the wheel. However, just to make sure, why not set your speedster up with a dashboard mount for his smartphone to ensure he stays safe. It’s perfect for the person who uses their phone for GPS, and it’s safe. The mount lets you glance at the map display to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. What’s more, you can use voice controls to place and hold phone conversations without ever touching the device. And at around $25, it’s a terrific bargain and an ideal stocking stuffer.

Key Finder

There’s one in every family — that man or woman who, for some reason, cannot remember where they left the car keys. Clear a designated space near the front door, hang a special hook or nail — it doesn’t matter. The keys will still manage to get lost. Well, no longer, because you’re going to put an end to it with the Tile Mate key finder, a small device that fits on your key chain, can be synced to your smartphone and can be located via GPS or a special app on your phone. For about $20, this may be the most economical and truly useful gift you give anyone this holiday season.

Clean Wheels, Happy Owner

Dirty rims, whitewalls, and hubcaps are among the car enthusiast’s greatest pet peeves. And it never fails – he comes home exasperated after a run to the car wash because the tires still aren’t up to snuff. Do him (and everyone else) a favor this Christmas with a wheel cleaner and tools, including scrub brush, sponges, towels, cleaner, polish, and protect-ant so he can take control of the situation himself.

This Christmas, go ahead and give the car owner who has everything more than he needs. Make him happy with car-related gifts that don’t cost an arm and a leg and the cleanest garage on your block.

If you’re out and about, head in to your local NAPA Store, we’re here to help with last minute gift giving! Merry Christmas.

Image courtesy of Pixabay