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What’s this part?

What do you do if you need a part, but don’t know what it is? Well, the easiest thing to do is let our crew help. We hire countermen who have knowledge and experience in auto parts, and they really are here to help you out, not just to ring up your purchase!

That being said, any information you have about the part is valuable. If you are able, take the old part off and bring it in. Otherwise, be prepared to describe where the part is located, what it looks like, what trouble it is causing, etc. Or, raise your hood and point it out! Your counterman will definitely need to know the make, model, and year of your vehicle to get the right fit.

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If you want to figure out the part on your own, you can start on our product line page. This page is where we break down categories of parts, and have some good basic information with pictures. You won’t be overwhelmed with too many specifics for each individual part, so it can serve as a jumping off spot for your research. Then, for individual part specs, head over to NAPA Online. If you get stumped, just call your local store.

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