Car Care Tips from our Team

We asked some of our parts professionals for their number one car care tip – the one thing they always do for their own cars – and we’re sharing their advice with you. Without further to do, here’s installment number one, Charles’ recommendation for dielectric grease.

Forsyth Store Manager

Charles Claybaugh

Dielectric grease is a silicone based grease that is used to protect electrical components against corrosion. It is especially important for vehicles that will be exposed to harsh conditions like mud and humidity. The grease is a thick translucent substance that repels moisture and withstands high temperatures. It is effective in marine and outdoor applications.

“I use dielectric grease for everything electrical connector related – it can go on bulbs, wires, connectors, really anything that carries voltage.”

This grease is commonly used on spark plugs. It seals and protects the plugs from corrosion and keeps the boots from sticking when they need to be removed. Rub it inside the spark plug boot when you install the plug.

You can also use dielectric grease to protect battery terminal connections, just apply a thin coat directly on battery posts. 

Use of dielectric grease with push on connectors will seal out moisture and reduce lost voltage in electrical connections. Apply a this coat in the beginning and when you secure the connectors they will displace enough grease to allow current to flow.

The grease comes in spray-on or rub-on form so you can use whatever suits your fancy. Charles personally recommends CRC dielectric grease in the pressurized can. If you have questions about its use or properties, stop by or call our store!

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