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As winter finally begins to make its exit and signs of spring start to emerge in Central Georgia, it’s a great time to start making plans to attend outdoor festivals, car shows and other fun events with family and friends. From early spring to late fall each year, those who love to see cool cars have ample opportunity to catch a great car show and have a little fun, but what about the weeks where there may not be a show scheduled? With quite a few car clubs throughout the central area of the state, car enthusiasts will be happy to know that they won’t have to wait for a show to be able to spend time with like-minded people and swap stories and information about those beautiful classics and other show quality cars. 

Interested in joining a car club and staying on top of the latest news and information on events, shows and other car related topics? Here’s a few car clubs right here in Central Georgia that may interest you.


Old Timers Classic Cruisers

With more than 40 members in Middle Georgia, this club has an outstanding group of people who have a passion for collecting and restoring vintage muscle cars. If this is a hobby of yours, you might want to check into becoming a member and taking part in their car shows and expeditions. They often partner with other clubs in the state to host large events, and their shows are plenty of fun for all ages.


Old Timers Classic Cruisers

P.O. Box 13672

Macon, GA 31208

Phone: (478) 256-8892


LowLine Customs

Founded by Ronnie and Kay Ellison, LowLine Customs is a club for people who love show cars, trucks and motorcycles. Their members have a very large collection of some unique rides and they are family oriented and dedicated to raising money for charity. The club hosts events throughout the year and all money raised at the events goes to Children’s Miracle Network at Columbus regional. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lowlinecustoms

Lowline Customs

5555 Whittlesey Blvd.

Columbus, GA 31909

Phone (706) 575-0514


Columbus City Stangz

The club that started in 2003 to celebrate the Ford Mustang, Columbus City Stangz has around 50 members and is still going strong today. The club is for people who have Mustangs from 1964 ½ all the way through the current year. Members of this club enjoy monthly meetings with the club, car shows and events as well as cruises and even drag racing events. They strive to offer a social avenue for like-minded car enthusiasts and to offer events to raise funding for charity. Club members also assist other members with advice and help when it comes to maintaining and restoring classic Mustangs as well as with purchasing advice and tips on repair work on the cars. You don’t have to own a Mustang to join the club, but if you love the Mustang, you’re going to feel right at home. The club hosts events throughout the year, so be sure to check out their social media page for updated information on time and place for shows.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColumbusCityStangz/



Now that spring is heading our way and much warmer temperatures are on the horizon, be sure to take time to find the parts you need to get your classic car, truck or motorcycle updated and on the road to an upcoming show in the area. In the meantime, be sure to check out the local clubs to see what they offer and to be able to mingle with other car lovers in between all the fun car shows when warm weather is here.

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