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Powerful Performance  + Value

Dependable Starting

Reserve Capacity Power

Maintenance-Free Design

High Quality Construction


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Nationwide Warranty

Reinforced Internal Components

High Reserve Capacity

Internal Short Prevention System

Maintenance-Free Design



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Legend Premium


Nationwide Warranty

Available with AGM Technology

Protection from Extreme Temps

Durability-Enhanced Design

Optimized Power for Faster Recharging



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We carry auto batteries for a wide variety of vehicles. Of course we have car batteries, but we also have batteries for your motorcycle, wave runner, lawnmower, or golf cart. Additionally, our stores offer tractor and industrial batteries. NAPA batteries are available in the Power, Legend, and Legend Premium series. Every battery comes with a free replacement time period and a pro-rated replacement period.


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Even More Batteries

Farm Equipment 

  • Anchor-locked elements to resist damage from vibration
  • Reinforced polypropylene case
  • Heavy duty batteries = more cranking amps per pound
    • Deep pocket envelope separators protect all sides of plate

Truck and Bus

  • Anchor-locked elements to resist damage from vibration
  • Reinforced polypropylene case
  • Calcium alloy reduces water loss
  • Stud or SAE post terminal design
  • Power levels avaliable – 650, 760, 950, 1125 CCA’s

Marine + RV

  • Vibration resistant design
  • Stainless Steel terminals
  • High density plate paste delivers more power and lives longer
  • Available with AGM technology for 2x longer cycle life compared to conventional batteries 

Golf Cart

  • High density oxide paste for longer cycle life
  • Individual vent cap system allows  maintenance and watering
  • Heavy duty offset post terminals
  • 6,8, and 12 Volt models avaliable

Universal Fit

  • Dual terminals for top and side terminal applications
  • Avaliable in Power, Legend, and Legend Premium

Garden Tractor 

  • Maintenance free calcium construction
  • Long off-season storage
  • Flush cover for easy and safe installation
  • Deep pocket envelope seperators to protect plates

Don’t see what you are looking for? Call your closest store for specific advice! it’s likely we can order your specialty battery even if we don’t normally stock it.