We offer a full line of belts and hoses, manufactured from the finest materials to exacting specifications. Our product line contains applications for most major makes and brands, and you can expect our belts and hoses to fit right and perform at least as well as the ones originally installed at the factory. NAPA belts and hoses are manufactured by the Gates Corporation. Ham’s NAPA Auto Parts stocks a wide array of v-belts and serpentine belts for cars, trucks, tractors, mowers, boats, and industrial equipment. 


The Accessory Belt Drive System

The ABDS functions to transfer power to all vehicle accessories. The system is important for the smooth and efficient running of your water pump, power steering, alternator, air conditioning and more. A worn belt or a failing tensioner can cause noise or vibration and diminished output from accessories. This can also trigger your check engine light. When investigating problems in the ABDS, it is important to consider the tensioner as well as the serpentine belt. When the tensioner is not working properly, it can cause uneven wear on the belt, or could even cause the belt to snap. We recommend you replace the tensioner anytime you replace a belt!

NAPA Serpentine Belts are some of the quietest and highest performing belts available in the automotive aftermarket. For advice, call or come in to one of our 7 locations and talk to one of our friendly parts professionals.


When to Replace Belts and Hoses?

Belts and hoses, like fluid levels and tires, must be inspected periodically. It is difficult to make a one-size-fits-all recommendation about belt and hose replacement intervals. You should test for proper belt tension and alignment, as either of these factors have potential to cause noise and premature wear on a belt. Also, check poly-V belts for glazing or heat hardening. Cracks in the ribs will naturally occur as the belt ages. When these cracks become closer together (less than one inch) it is probably time to replace your belt! 

Coolant hoses (including the main radiator hoses, special bypass hoses, molded hoses, and heater hoses) are exposed to extreme conditions. If one of these hoses bursts it can cause serious and expensive repairs, so you will want to check them regularly for any evident signs of wear.