Motor oil

Motor oil is an important part of keeping you car running at top performance. It is made up of a base oil with additives. It reduces friction between the mechanical components of your engine to clean, cool, and protect it from wear. 

The viscosity, or thickness of the oil is an important property. Viscosity index improvers are used to make multi-viscosity oils, which retain their consistency as the engine heats up. For example a 5W-30 has a viscosity index of 5 when starting the engine cold and a viscosity index of 30 at engine operating temperature. 

You will also see synthetic oils compared to conventional oils. Synthetic oils have been chemically engineered to have more uniform molecules. Though you will generally pay more for a synthetic oil, it my allow you to wait longer between oil changes. 

Additives you may see in engine oil include rust inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, anti wear additives, anti foam additives, anti oxidants, detergents, dispersants, and friction modifiers. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing your motor oil. Most importantly, you should always look at the manufacturers recommendation for your specific vehicle regarding viscosity index and other properties.  


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Hydraulic Fluid, oil, and grease


Our offerings in this category range from basic to premium hydraulic fluids, gear oils,  greases, and transmission fluid for everyday, agricultural, fleet, and industrial applications. 

Hydraulic fluid is different from other oils since it must be used for power transfer in addition to lubrication. See manufacturers recommendations to choose the right viscosity index.  

Greases are important in a variety of applications. They are used to lubricate under extreme or special operating conditions, when there are high levels of noise, vibration, temperature, or contaminants. Like engine oil, grease is made from a base oil with additives to enhance its’ properties. Grease also contains a thickener. The thickener determines how the grease will behave under operating conditions. Simple or complex lithium soap-based thickeners are the most common, but other options do exist. 


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Cleaning Chemicals

Our cleaning chemicals include a wide range of products, from car wash to hand scrub, from leather conditioner to wheel cleaner. We carry glass cleaner, car wax, spot cleaner, fabric guard, car wash, boat wash, tire shine, degreaser, cleaning wipes, metal polish, convertible top cleaner, heavy duty truck wash, upholstery cleaner, pressure wash detergent, and industrial cleaners.

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Sealants and Adhesives

Sealants and Adhesives we stock include:

  • gasket makers and sealants
  • thread sealants
  • surface prep
  • super glue
  • epoxy including steel reinforced epoxy, marine epoxy, and epxy putty
  • bonding compound and plastic bonder
  • black silicone adhesive
  • windshield and glass sealer
  • rubberized coating
  • weatherstrip adhesive
  • headliner and carpet adhesive
  • vinyl and leather repair
  • gas tank, radiator, and exhaust repair
  • decal remover
  • anti-seize lubricant
  • silicone tape and mounting tape


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More Chemicals

We have still more chemicals in stock! Antifreezes, engine additives, and WD-40 to name a few. Also, least we forget we stock brake fluid and power steering fluid. If you haven’t seen the product you need, give us a call and we will let you know if we have your part!

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