The manifold is made of cast iron or fabricated tubing and is connected to the engine at the exhaust ports. It is designed to collect the exhaust gasses from each cylinder and funnel them into a common outlet.


Flex Pipe

Flex pipe has a braided metal design that allows for normal engine movement and prevents damage to other systems.



The muffler quiets the sound of a vehicles engine noise and diverts exhaust through perforated tubes.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is perhaps the most critical component of the exhaust system. It is designed to convert and alter harmful emissions before they are released into the environment. The catalytic converter works with the vehicles computerized power train control module and on board diagnostic software to provide system feedback.

Oxygen Sensors

The oxygen sensors are electronic devices used to communicate information to the computerized power train control module (pcm) and monitor the exhaust stream.



Isolators, gaskets, and clamps are small but necessary components that provide for proper system sealing and overall durability.


Resonator Assemblies

The resonator works in conjunction with other components to modify and reduce certain frequencies of sound.

We also carry important emissions control parts including:

  • positive crankcase ventilation (pcv) valves
  • breather filters
  • pcv gromets
  • vacuum operated exhaust gas re-circulation (egr) valves
  • positive and negative egr valves 
  • digital egr valves
  • linear egr valves
  • stepper motor egr valves
  • control components
  • vacuum delay valves
  • egr bleed filters
  • time delays
  • egr control solenoids
  • egr vacuum position sensors
  • egr temperature sensors
  • pressure feedback egr sensors
  • differential pressure feedback egr sensors
  • turbo chargers
  • charcoal canisters
  • canister purge valves
  • vent solenoid valves
  • fuel tank pressure sensors
  • bowl vent solenoids and valves
  • thermal vacuum switches
  • diverter valves
  • air management valves
  • exhaust check valves
  • fuel controls
  • dashpots
  • idle stop solenoids
  • air cleaner temperature sensors
  • early fuel evaporation sensors
  • ignition timing controls

If you are looking for a specific part, come in or call our store and one of our qualified parts professionals will be happy to point you in the right direction.