Oil Filters


NAPA Silver oil filters are the right choice for conventional oil change intervals. They offer important performance benefits, including more media, greater capacity, and an upgraded anti-drain back valve over a standard line oil filter.


NAPA Gold filters are our most popular line. They use a specially blended T-03 glass enhanced media to remove microscopic particles. They have steel end caps, a heavy gauge coiled steel spring to hold the filter element in place, and a solid metal base plate. All NAPA Gold filters have up front bypass valves and silicone rubber drain back valves. Want to read more about what all these details mean? Check out our blog post on NAPA Gold filters


NAPA’s platinum filters are essential for elite vehicle maintenance and complete peace of mind. Our platinum oil filters provide ultimate protection, offering technology for the latest advancements in synthetic oil and performance oil filters. Featuring a host of premium oil filter innovations, including wire-backed synthetic oil filter media, silicone anti-drain back valve, and a stronger, upgraded can design, our platinum filters are among the best in the industry


Fluid Filters

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters have become very specialized with the advent of fuel injection. Even a tiny amount of dirt can clog the fine spray nozzles at the tips of the fuel injectors. Your fuel filter may be located inline between the fuel pump and fuel injectors or it may be mounted inside the fuel tank as a part of the fuel pump assembly. Fuel filters may have no recommended service intervals or may even be listed as ‘lifetime’, but if they do become clogged, they can cause serious engine malfunctions and the vehicle will likely fail emissions testing. 

Heavy duty Filters

Our Heavy Duty line includes oil, fluid, and air filters. NAPA Heavy Duty filters give your job site workhorses a chance against dust, dirt and all kinds of other contaminants.

More fluid Filters

In addition, we carry transmission fluid filters, power steering fluid filters, hydraulic filters, and coolant filters.



Air Filters

Engine air Filters

Engine air filters prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine cylinder chambers. These filters must stand up to dirt, water, corrosive chemicals, raw fuel, oil, intense heat, and pressure pulses. The average internal combustion engine ingests 10,000 gallons of air for every gallon of gasoline, and it is crucial that air is clean! There are hundreds of air filter configurations available, and we’ll be happy to help you find the one you need. We recommend you change your engine air filter at least once a year.

Cabin air Filters

Cabin air filters remove airborne pollutants and dirt before they can be drawn into the passenger compartment via the heating and air conditioning. Some cabin air filters even have an activated charcoal layer to filter gasses and odors! A quality cabin air filter uses a pleated element to strengthen the filter, increase the exposed area, and allow good air flow. It is important that the filter seal is able to remain pliable and prevent air bypass over a wide temperature range. We recommended you change your cabin air filter at least once a year.