Gasket leakage or failure can cause many extensive problems for your engine. Luckily, if you watch out for leaks or other warning signs, you can replace the gasket before it causes damage to other parts. If you only need to replace a gasket it can be an inexpensive fix!

The head gasket is the primary gasket in a car. It sits between the cylinder head and the engine block and its’ job is to keep engine oil, coolant, air, fuel, and exhaust separate. If this gasket fails, it can lead to a myriad of trouble! Look out for the following warning signs: white exhaust smoke, engine overheating, higher than normal oil level, milky oil color, or coolant loss without visible leaks. 

Gasket selections include head gaskets (cylinder head gaskets), intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, main bearing gaskets, and camshaft gaskets. Our gaskets are manufactured by Fel-Pro.


Seals are important components for keeping lubricant in and contaminants out for a variety of applications. They contribute to engine efficiency and emission control.


Seal selections include axial cassette seals, spark plug tube and injector tube seals, PFTE shaft seals, high pressure valve stem seals, FKM engine shaft seals, magnetic trigger wheels, low friction engine seals, and valve stem seals.

O Rings

O-rings are used in a wide variety of applications – not just cars – though there are many found under your hood. We stock o-rings in a variety of materials and sizes. To identify the size of an  o-ring you will need the inner diameter, outer diameter, and cross sectional length. (This can be figured out as long as you have two of the three dimensions).

If you are looking for a specific o-ring, give us a call. We carry o-rings in kits/packs as well as individually. 

O-Rings are found in your brake system, air condition, engine cooling, exhaust system, fuel and emissions systems, even your ignition system.