The steering and suspension systems work together to support the weight of the vehicle, maintain contact with the road, and reduce the effects of a rough road. We stock many steering and suspension system components. If you have a question about the part you need, call or come in to one of our locations  and a parts professional will be happy to help, or you can  shop online for steering and suspension components.

steering System

Rack and Pinion Steering Components

Inner and Outer Tie Rods, Rack and Pinion Assembly, Rack Mounts and Boots

Parallelogram Conventional Steering Components

Inner and Outer Tie Rods, Pitman Arm, Idler Arm, Center Link, Steering Gear Box

Power Steering System Components

Power Steering Pump (Hydraulic or Electric), Pressure and Return Hose, Reservoir

Suspension System

MacPherson Strut Type Components

Strut Assembly, Strut Mount, Ball Joint, Control Arms and Bushings, Spindle-Knuckle Assemblies

SLA (Short Long Arm) System Components

Ball Joints, Control Arms and Bushings, Spindle-Knuckle Assemblies, Sway Bar Links and Bushings

Spring Components

Coil, Leaf, Torsion, Air Ride

Steering and suspension parts wear out over time. They can become bent or damaged from hitting potholes, curbs, or rocks, or simply wear out because of normal driving conditions over the course of time. Signs that might indicate a steering or suspension system problem include uneven tire wear, loose steering or excessive play. Additionally, if your vehicle pulls to one side or another you may need to check your wheel alignment. As always, if you have a question you can call or come in to one of our locations and get a recommendation from a parts professional.

Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts keep your tires on the road. A shock absorber controls motion in a vehicle by limiting the movement of the springs. A strut provides the dampening function of the shock absorber and supports the coiled spring.

It is recommended that you change your shocks and struts at 50,000 miles.

NAPA carries shocks and struts in value and premium lines, as well as heavy duty options.

Tie Rods

Tie Rods connect the steering arms on the spindle-knuckle to either the steering gearbox, center link, or the rack and pinion.  

One of the most commonly replaced items in the steering system are the tie rod ends. 

All vehicles have two outer tie rod ends, and those without rack and pinion steering also have two inner tie rod ends.

NAPA carries tie rods and ends in value and premium lines

Ball Joints

Ball joints allow the steering knuckle to pivot between the control arms when the car is steered. They also permit up and down movement of the control arm. 

Vehicles with struts usually have just a lower ball joint on each side. Vehicles with Short Long Arm (SLA) have an upper and lower ball joint for each side. 

NAPA carries ball joints in both value and premium lines. Talk to your parts professional about what option is right for you.

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