NAPA transmission and clutch components consist of clutches (our clutches are made by Luk), mounts, oil coolers, shifting parts, and transfer cases. We sell automatic and manual transmissions but may have to special order yours depending on specifics. If you are looking for a new speedometer or speedometer components, you will find it here.

The purpose of the transmission is to move the engines power to the rest of the vehicle’s drive train. This action increases or decreases the torque as it attempts to meet the changing power needs of the vehicle. 


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Ham's NAPA Auto Parts Manual Transmission

Manual Transmission Parts

  • Gear sets control and vary the speed and torque levels of the car.
  • Main shaft, or output shaft delivers power to the drivetrain.
  • Synchronizers or synchronizer collars link the drive gear and the output shaft.
  • Countershaft holds the gear sets and provides the link between the input and output shafts.
  • The clutch diverts power away from the transmission to allow gear shifting without damage to the gears.





Ham's NAPA Auto Parts Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission Parts



  • Torque Converter functions to transfer engine torque to the transmission.
  • Planetary gear sets provide for different gear levels.
  • Hydraulic Systems pump transmission fluid throughout the transmission to prevent overheating and component damage.
  • Reaction Members are parts that either hold or drive members of the planetary gear set to change gears.
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid with different specifications, including: Dexron/Mercon, Type FA, and ATF +3 or ATF + 4.