Ham's NAPA Auto Parts Windshield Wipers and Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers provide an added margin of safety when driving in inclement weather.

Check your wiper blade condition regularly, as this is an item that wears out and needs replacement more frequently than others on your car. 

Check the rubber for tears, especially at the ends. Look closely for separation from the backing or any signs of buildup along the wiping edge. Also check the frame for damage and ensure the pivot points move freely.

Inspect the wiper arm as well. Look for twists and bends, and confirm that the arm presses the wiper blades firmly against the windshield.


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We carry both conventional rubber/silicon as well as beam technology product lines. (Read more about conventional vs beam technology on the NAPA Know How Blog). Our conventional product lines include OWI, Exact Fit, Rain-X, and Excel Plus. Beam technology product lines are Rain-X Latitude, Teflon Shield, Evolution Beam, Neoform Beam, and Bosch Icon. 

Our windshield department also carries sealant and tape, windshield solvent, cleaners, and bug repellent.

Call or come in to one of our locations and a certified parts professional will be happy to help you find what you are looking for. 


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