What a privilege to see some great racing these past two weekends! Hope ya’ll enjoy some snapshots from our time at the Daytona International Speedway and Atlanta Motor Speedway with some fellow NAPA jobbers. It was our first time at the Daytona 500, and it sure lived up to the hype! 

In Atlanta, we had the chance to see the NAPA car in the garage, and hear from Chase Elliott (that’s him in front of the NAPA/Hendrick Motorsports banner). By the way, you can get a Chase Elliott hat with a qualifying purchase at your local NAPA store during the month of March, while supplies last!

Charlie Wayne Harris is a long time employee of Ham’s NAPA Auto Parts in Roberta.  We thought you might enjoy hearing about his hobby – drag racing! He races in the Super Street Class at the Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, GA. Enjoy this video from the races and scroll down to read some Q and A with Charlie Wayne (nickname Rooster).

When did you start racing?

Raced dirt track from 1965 until 1993, and started drag racing in 1997

Where did you get your car?

I built the car from scratch with my brother-in-law and another good friend. Overall I have about $30,000 invested in the car.

Give us some details about your car.

427 Dart small block engine, 9 inch Ford rear end, 4.88 gear, Moser axels, Denny’s driveshaft, power glide transmission, MSD ignition, built aluminum air flow research racing heads, and one big ole cam!

Charlie Wayne Harris - Silver Dollar Raceway Drag Racing

Charlie Harris Drag Racing Car Engine

Tell us a bit more about the Super Street class. 

Super Street is heads-up style racing where we run 10.90 seconds, so anyone running below 10.90 will automatically loose (unless the other racer came in even farther below 10.90 – I have won lots of races at 10.89 when the other car ran 10.87.) We race with throttle stop installed on all cars, so the winner is generally whoever can cut the best lights. For this reason I have technically retired and have a friend Rodney Davis drive my car (my reaction time isn’t as good anymore.) 

Haw does your car perform?

I generally place pretty well. I have never won but have made it to the final several times and lost by only a couple thousandths of a second. There are 15 – 20 cars in my class.

What is you favorite thing about drag racing at Silver Dollar Raceway?

The friendship of the Super Street Racers and all the track personnel!

How fast is your car?

With the throttle stop it runs about 125-130 mph, but it could go faster unrestrained.

Has your car ever been in a bad crash?

Luckily no. There was one time when I was about half way down the track when a tire went loose and my car did a 90 degree turn. It could have been very bad and everyone was scared but I was able to ease off on the gas and it turned out ok.

When is the racing season?

We race about once a month from March until November. The races last an entire weekend. 

Charlie Wayne Harris - Silver Dollar Raceway Drag Racing

Thanks for reading! Also, thanks to Charlie’s son (also Charlie) for the pictures and video clips.