Favorite Movie Cars - Bullitt Steve McQueen


Here are some of our absolute favorites.

Ham's NAPA Auto Parts - Top 5 Movie Cars - Steve McQueen in Bullitt

1. Steve McQueen’s Mustang – Bullitt

Of course we can’t get enough of the classic chase scene! The car reaches 110 mph in downtown San Francisco! Two identical 1968 Mustang Fastbacks were used for the filming, one nearly destroyed by the stunts. (Though earlier this year rumored to have been found in a Mexican junkyard.

Why we love it: In car cameras and engine soundtrack make you feel like you are there. (The movie was nominated for an Oscar in sound mixing.)


Ham's NAPA Auto Parts - Top 5 Movie Cars - Batmobile

2. The Batmobile

What else can we say?

It even has it’s own website! Check out 1966batmobile.comfor all things classic batmobile.


Ham's NAPA Auto Parts - Top 5 Movie Cars - Smokey and the Bandit

3. Smokey and the Bandit Pontiac Trans Am

The 1977 Firebird Trans Am was driven by the Bandit, Burt Reynolds, on a mission to smuggle 400 cases of Coors to Georgia. Pontiac sales shot up in the years after the movie’s release. Last summer a new ‘Bandit’ model trans am was created with 840 horsepower and signed by Burt Reynolds.

 Why we love it: Racing across the country, talking on a CB radio.. Willie Nelson would be proud!


Ham's NAPA Auto Parts - Top 5 Movie Cars - James Bond Aston Martin

4. James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5

This is the definition of cool. James Bond’s gentleman’s car is complete with tire slashers, machine guns, an ejector seat, and rotating license plates valid in ‘every’ country. Read about Aston Martin’s relationship with James Bond.

Why we love it: Aston Martin is the car everyone aspires to, and a tricked out Aston Martin driven by 007 just had to make our list.


Ham's NAPA Auto Parts - Top 5 Movie Cars - General Lee

5. General Lee – Dukes of Hazard

The classic ‘good ol’ boys’ car. In the course of the filming of the TV show and movie, hundreds of Dodge Chargers (1968/1969) were used and destroyed, but the original ‘Lee 1’ is now owned by the golfer Bubba Watson. 

Why we love it: Jumping cars – we can’t do it at home (can we?) but what a fun idea. For filming, the trunk would be full of concrete to offset the front end weight, and, in later years they took out the engine and transmission and catapulted the car into the air.


Of course, many other movie cars deserve a mention. The DeLorean from Back to the Future, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Ferris Bueller’s Ferrari, Pixar’s animated Lightning McQueen. Recently Baby Driver filmed right here in our own backyard with a scene on the Juliette bridge. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you agree with our list? What other cars would you add?

This list is compliments of our operations manager, John. He works out of our Barnesville store.